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Welcome to Spring and New Beginnings!

I hope you have been keeping well, during these unprecedented times. As we come out of the third lockdown, I would like to offer you the opportunity to book treatments with me. I have set up a special package because your health is very important and I am aware many people will have experienced financial hardship.

For April only, I am offering three treatments for £135, that is a £10 reduction on the individual sessions, for NAET and Bowen. For new clients, I am offering a £15 discount on the initial consultation and treatment. I look forward to seeing you soon. All the best, Amanda


NAET – Seasonal Allergies The hayfever season is well and truly kicking in! Many are experiencing exasperated symptoms because they have not had the opportunity to spend as much time outside and build up their natural ‘immunity’. Vitamin D levels are particularly low, even with supplementation and so susceptibility is more prevalent. NAET is particularly effective for eliminating hayfever symptoms. At this time of year, I usually suggest collecting an air sample from your garden and/or near an open window in your home and workplace, to capture any airborne particles. The treatment is carried out in the same manner as a regular NAET treatment but since it is impossible to avoid the environment, it will be necessary to self-treat every two hours (not while you are sleeping) and stimulate select acupressure points. This will ensure a successful elimination of symptoms. The reason for the two-hour intervals – the body has a 24-hour meridian clock and every two hours it changes.

Appointments are booking up fast, so please contact me as soon as possible to secure yours. Remember your health matters!


BOWEN – Long Covid Study

Many have suffered from covid symptoms and some may still be experiencing ‘long covid’ symptoms. If you have had these for more than 6 months, I would like to invite you to take part in a study using Bowen. The purpose is to establish whether Bowen is effective in alleviating the symptoms, as it works directly on the nervous system, taking the body from a state of ‘fight, flight or freeze’, into one of ‘rest and repair’. This is achieved by making the Bowen rolling type moves on the skin, the soft tissue and since everything is interconnected, it also benefits the deep tissues and organs as well as the nerves, lymph, blood and meridian system. This will involve focusing on 2 main symptoms (physical/mental), 1 activity which has become challenging and your general wellbeing. You will receive 6 treatments over six consecutive weeks and keep a symptom diary during this time.

Please do let me know whether you would like to participate in this study and I will send you the relevant forms to register with me. There is a special rate to participate in the study. And, if you know anyone who might benefit from participating, please do pass this on.


*no diethanolamine *no gluten *no formaldehyde *no lanolin *no mineral oil *no methylisothiazolinone *no nuts *no palm oil *no parabens *no phthalates *no sulphates

vegan and eco friendly, cruelty-free

Treat yourself or someone you know to hand-blended natural body products, suitable for the whole family. There are speciality items for eczema (dermatitis), acne/rosacea and very gentle products for mother and baby.

Gold winner of the Janey Loves Platinum Awards for products and services.

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