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Courses and Workshops

course dates are arranged at the convenience of the student and tutor 


Self Healing Attunement Course

Reiki I

Learn how to self-heal with Reiki.


This workshop is a one-day module where you will be introduced to the Usui method of Reiki healing.


You will receive your First Degree Attunement and learn how to give yourself healing. Each day will begin and end with a meditation and group Reiki healing experience.

Pre-requisite: none 



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One Hour

Mindful Meditation

Learn how to be Mindful and Meditate

Each hour-long session will be focused on a particular theme.  The class will start with breathwork to ease into the mindful meditation and conclude with 5 minutes of fuctional movement to promote well-being and grounding


Themes will include:

  • breathwork

  • body scan

  • chakras

  • compassion

  • forgiveness 

£15 group of 4+





One Day Workshop

Self-Muscle Testing

Learn how to test yourself

This workshop is a one day module where you will learn different ways in which you are able to muscle test yourself. 

After each demonstration, you will have plenty of time to practice and master your skills.


Self-muscle testing is particularly useful for those with intolerances and allergies, to determine whether it would be 'appropriate' to eat/drink a particular item. It may also be used to establish the safe quantity to consume, to avoid an adverse reaction.



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Practitioner Attunement Course

Reiki II

Learn how to practice

Reiki on others.


This workshop is a two-day module where you will receive the Second Degree Reiki attunements.


You will learn the Reiki healing symbols, how to perform distance healing and Reiki Prayers. This level of Reiki enables you to work with Reiki as a practitioner.


Pre-requisite: First Degree Reiki.



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One Day Workshop for 3-12 People


Learn How to Transform

Your Well-Being​

In this 9-hour course, you will learn how to find the hidden emotions behind your physical symptoms and behaviours.


You will be guided through two techniques, which you will then be able to use at home, to re-frame and release any emotions from a cellular level.

Course also includes:

  • Forgiveness Practice

  • Vagus Reset

  • Functional Movement

  • Comprehensive Manual

  • and additional tools to help your healing journey




One Day Workshop

Crystal Healing

Learn how balance the Chakras and Heal with Crystals

This workshop is a one day module where you will learn three different ways in which balance and heal your body with crystals.

Crystal healing uses minerals from the earth, which we need in every day life for optimal health, and the reason why crystals are so beneficial.  


You will learn how to balance the chakras, which crystals are most beneficial for supporting the body and mind, and how to set up and perform crystal healing.


Workshop includes learning how to use a pendulum, smudging and tuning forks.




Master/Teacher Attunement Course

Reiki III

Become a Reiki Master Teacher.

This workshop is a one day module where you will receive the Master symbol and attunement. The course also includes 4 Reiki-share sessions.

You will learn how to use the Master symbol and perform Reiki attunements. This level of Reiki enables you to teach Reiki and perform attunements for your own students.


Pre-requisite: Second Degree Reiki



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One Day Workshop


Trauma-Informed Training for Complementary Therapists

Becoming a trauma-informed therapist is like learning a new skillset based on understanding and sensitivity. The ability to sense another’s state, or to listen through touch. To hear the words that are being spoken, but to understand what is not being said. It’s possessing these skills and moving forward with loving care and awareness to allow someone to feel safe, heard, and met.

On this one-day cpd ’emotional reset’ workshop I will guide you through in a thoughtful, experiential way, offering some exercises to deepen your understanding and bring the theory to life with real life applications.

£118.50 Please email for more information



2 Day Workshop

Bowen Therapy

Learn how you can help your family and friends improve their well-being

This workshop is a two-day module where you will be introduced to Bowen and learn a general whole-body treatment. It will give you the core skills, to provide an excellent basic treatment and great health benefits, to treat family, including children and friends.


Some of the benefits of receiving Bowen treatments include:


  • reduced stress

  • pain relief

  • improved mobility

  • better sleep

  • reduced anxiety

  • trauma recovery

  • increased focus

  • regulation of the nervous system

  • enhanced well-being


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Please note: this course will not give you a qualification to practice Bowen as a therapist but is a pre-requisite course if you should wish to train as a professional Bowen therapist. 

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