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I came to Amanda for Bowen treatment on my knees, after I fell directly on them. They were very swollen, painful and stiff, particularly after sitting for long periods of time. Amanda worked on my knees and also helped me with the vertigo, from which I had been suffering for quite some time. I only had three Bowen treatments and the vertigo is almost non-existent and I no longer have any pain or stiffness in the knees – Windsor
I had been suffering from HPV for over two months. All the symptoms have now gone. I feel much more confident in all areas of my life - Ruislip


My son has been receiving Reiki from Amanda for the past 7 years, for symptoms of extreme anxiety and stress caused by childhood traumas. She is a very kind, caring and powerful individual who is very attentive in understanding the reasons around individual needs. Amanda always explains the treatment she offers and the possible outcomes and offers ways of complementing her healing with other techniques. She has used the Bowen Technique in the past and within an hour of treatment, my son was able to release all his emotions, enabling him to let go of all negativity and hurt which he had been holding in. My son is now much older but will often ask for a visit for more healing when he feels the need for a ‘top up’. Amanda is more than a healer or therapist. She has been an ‘angel’ to my son, and I am eternally grateful that I found her. Dylan 
I first visited Amanda nearly two years ago when I was suffering from intense chest infections and allergies, specifically Pseudomonas and Aspergillus. From my first appointment, Amanda struck me to be a kind, caring compassionate and incredibly professional therapist. She has always done her upmost to help me in my variety of issues and since having regular treatment with her I can say without doubt that my health has improved dramatically. I have gone through various elimination techniques with her, been treated for chest infections, allergies and even post-op complications. I have had various elimination treatments from Amanda which have resulted in a clear absence of various allergens through western medicine tests. During my time with Amanda I also incurred further problems resulting from an operation. Amanda was incredibly supportive, helping me through these issues and not only adapting her NAET techniques to help me, but also introducing additional therapies such as scar tissue release and massage to help - this also proved very successful. I am incredibly grateful to Amanda for the help she has given me in the past and for the help I'm sure she will be able to provide in the future. She is a thoughtful, professional, dedicated and incredibly caring practitioner, and I would have no hesitation in recommending her. Lisa - Carpender's Park
My 5 year old son suffered with very bad eczema from a baby and has always had to avoid dairy. Amanda has treated him for dairy and now he can eat it as much as he likes without getting any eczema at all. It has completely cleared up. As well as this, his behaviour in general has improved; he is a much calmer and happier child. Bina - Hatch End
I had received many NAET treatments for emotional symptoms which were very effective. I then started to have Bowen treatments with Amanda and found them to be very relaxing. One treatment in particular, the ‘deep front line release’ had the best result of all for me because all my symptoms cleared. I feel lighter, less emotionally charged and have been able to let go of the past. Harrow
I have been seeing Amanda for 4 ½ months and many health conditions have improved, including: diabetes, food allergies, IBS and fibromyalgia. NAET has also helped my destructive self beliefs. It has even healed bad experienced from the past. I think NAET will help any condition. Nicky
Dealing with sugar has meant that I no longer have to snack when I am bored or upset because I have the control to resist. This means I am more ‘in tune’ with my body and ‘listen’ to what it says. Being calmer has helped me get on better with my family members. I am truly thankful for having the opportunity to have these treatments. Christine - Ruislip
I used to get regular severe migraines, pressure and ‘stinging’ in my ears with ringing and grind my teeth, which would give me pain in the jaw. I also suffered from discomfort around the right shoulder blade after long periods of using a ‘mouse’. Amanda suggested ways in which I could change my working environment to improve my posture and now I only get pain around my right shoulder blade occasionally. The Bowen treatments have greatly helped me and now I do not have any pain in my jaw, there is no ‘stinging’ or ringing in my ears and the teeth grinding has greatly reduced. I now come back to Amanda every six weeks for a maintenance treatment. Cecilia 
I had been suffering from chronic urticaria for over two years. During this period the condition worsened. The only treatment available was increasingly stronger prescriptions of antihistamine and steroids, which did not help. In desperation, I did my own research and found NAET. My list of sensitivities was quite extensive but within three months of seeing Amanda, my urticaria had completely cleared. That was over three years ago and the symptoms have never returned. I am so grateful and relieved to be free of this condition. I would recommend Amanda to anyone who is suffering. Judith - Harrow

Amanda is an incredibly knowledgeable and patient teacher with a superior gift of Reiki healing. She shines with kindness, care and wisdom and I thoroughly enjoyed my time learning Reiki level 1. Nothing was rushed and I was able to absorb and study the information and practice “hands on” at the end. I felt such a connection with Amanda and cannot thank her enough for her help and support both during my sessions and indeed after. It was quite magical, in fact. I could feel the flow of healing and I had some very unique experiences. After chatting, I discovered how many other therapies Amanda is qualified in and would absolutely not hesitate in recommending her. Thank you, H

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