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Bowen is a remedial, hands-on therapy using very gentle pressure.  It involves a series of moves across muscles, soft tissue and meridians, which stimulate specific receptors, enabling the body itself to restore balance.  This is achieved initially during the rest period, in between each set of moves.

The treatment is gentle, subtle and relaxing and has shown to have profound and permanent healing and pain-relief results.  There is no manipulation or adjustment of hard tissue and no force is used. Bowen uses a light pressure, equal to  the resistance given by the body. It is, therefore, suitable for the tiniest of babies through to the frailest of adults. Bowen is, in fact, suitable for all ages and physical abilities. 

Bowen prompts the body to reset, repair and balance,  through the different densities of tissues and the autonomic nervous system. This effectively helps correct all types of imbalances. 

Bowen is a particularly effective therapy for: structural imbalances,  lower back, upper body, neck and shoulder pain, stress, anxiety, depression, balances metabolism, increases wellbeing, headache and migraine, jaw and facial pain, breathing related sleep disorders, pregnancy and post natal, sports injuries, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon strains and hamstring tension, and many other conditions. Athletes report fewer injuries, when treated regularly with Bowen and they also notice an increase in performance.

remedial, hands-on therapy
to reset, repair and balance the body

Clients feel relaxed and renewed after a treatment and often experience immediate pain relief, improvement of function and metal clarity. Occasionally, symptoms of a physical detoxification are also experienced. 

Bowen can be used safely in all circumstances and there is no condition, as such, where the use of Bowen would be contra-indicated.


Treatments should be at least 5 days apart in order to give the nervous system time to integrate and for the corresponding healing to take place.

Bowen is one of the strongest, fastest and most effective modalities for treating people with pain, chronic illness and improving overall health.

As an integral part of the Bowen therapy, the effects of surgical scars are examined and if they are found to be causing physical imbalance in the body,  a further technique is used to release the scar. This is know as the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release and is an innovative and successful method for the treatment of scar tissue, caused by post surgical and trauma-wound scars. MSTR has been found to be particularly useful for aiding the recovery of symptoms addressed by Bowen.

All appointments must be paid in advance.

A cancellation fee will be charged,

if 24 hour's notice is not given.

Consultation and Therapy                                                                 £  75.00

Individual Sessions                                                                               £  55.00

Bowen Sessions x 3 (recommended)                                                £150.00

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