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Lapis Lazuli 18mm Round Pendant with Off-Set 5.5mm Hole with Silver Bail (not shown)


Throat, Third Eye Chakra : Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius: Protection : Self-Confidence : Manifestation


Lapis Lazuli guards against psychic attacks. It releases stress, bringing inner peace, harmony and intuition, including sel-awareness and expression. It promotes the qualities of honesty, compassion and integrity.  Lapis Lazuli stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity, as well as promoting confidence and speaking one's truth. Lapis Lazuli is known to boost the immune system, purify the blood, balance blood pressure and inflammation.  It also aids sleep and relieves vertigo.  Lapis Lazuli is believed to benefit the respiratory and nervous systems, and the throat, vocal cords, and thyroid.

Lapis Lazuli 18mm Round Pendant

20 Grams
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